Wednesday, 18 August 2010

my dad


my dad went to see his oncologist yesterday and is to start his chemo treatment on tuesday 24th aug..
he has to go for an injection of chemo on tuesday then takes oral chemo for 3weeks, he does this for a total of 12weeks, after this he has a month resbite were he will have to have a scan to see what effect the chemo has had..doctors can then work out what dosage to give him next time round..

when asked if he had any questions, he asked "will i lose my hair". at 72 he still has a full head of dark hair with only few stray grey hairs in sideburns..i told him to get the clippers out and go to a number 2 now, so he can get used to it..he may only get small amount of fall out..

unfortunatley this means we cannot go on are holidays at we can enjoy a family xmas at home instead..
my dad is more important than a holiday..

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