Friday, 17 December 2010

das progress

hi everyone
not been on here for a much has happened..
dad had his 3 month scan and was told that unfortunatley his chemo has not worked, in fact the tuma has spread further...they are unable to give anymore chemo as this will be no help and could do more damage, even be fatal...he was addmitted to the marie curie center 2weeks ago to have his pain and anti sickness medication sorted out..he was ok whilst this was given via IV, but when he was weaned back onto oral medication he was unable to take, so was quite sick..they are looking at putting him back on IV  meds..hopefully he can come home on monday, dont want him in over xmas, but if he needs to be there then we will see if he can come home on day release for xmas day..
my daughter has who is only 2 must be sensing that something is wrong, she knows grandad has a poorly tummy and has to take tablets to make better, but since he hasd been in hospital she has been very clingy to me and has been off her food..she even refusing chocolate, so she must be sickening.. cant imagine what she will be like if anything happens to dad..

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

dads progress

hi guys
ive not had much time to come on here for a while..
dad was due to have his last session of chemo this week, but has been advised that because he has been getting pins and needles in arm and hand they have to stop.. he is waiting to have a scan to see if tuma has shrunk..we have been told that because his dosage was reduced from 2500mg a day down to 1600mg it may not have had much effect....he may need to have dose increased again and continue another course...not sure how he will cope with this,,was really poorly on the higher dose...

will keep you all updated

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

reverse side of trifold card

new baby card (twins)

trifold card
double sided card made for a friends arrival of twins
paige and daisy
made from 2 hunkydory domed apeture cards
images from forever friends baby

Thursday, 16 September 2010

my dad

just a quick update
my dad was due to start another session of his chemo on tuesday, but due his recent illness they have decided to wait another week...
he has noticed that in the short time he was taking the chemo tablets his hair has started to fall out..
it has not been so noticable because we got him to have it shaved down to a number 1...

he is still feeling sick when he eats, but unfortunatly this is something that wont go away as its the tuma that is stopping the food from going down..
we have been told that he could have a stent put in stomach to help food pass through, but this means it has to go through the tuma, which could cause fragment to break off and spread.....

Saturday, 4 September 2010

my dad

my dad had to go in hospital on thursday, he has been very sick whilst on the chemo..
they have stopped this for a while to give his body a rest..he is on such a high dose everyday
his body was unable to cope..the docs will look at changing his dosage, he should hopefully be out on monday...

Thursday, 2 September 2010

card sales

my local corner shop has taken 40 assorted birthday cards to sell for me..
they have sold a few of my hunkydory cards, and have taken few commission orders..
ive been asked to supply them with xmas card sets.....
all sales go towards my target of £1000 for macmillan cancer support....

Monday, 30 August 2010

my dad

just a quick update
my dad has now been taking chemo tablets for a week..
he is not been very well at all..had to have doctor out today to change his pain relief.
he has not been able to eat much for last few days so been feeling nauseous.
got to keep check on him over next 48hrs and if no change he needs to spend few days in hospital under observation..

i thought i was strong, but seeing him in so much discomfort i crumbled..need a good cry to get out of system..

Monday, 23 August 2010

cards for gift set

cards for gift sets and commissioned cards

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

my dad


my dad went to see his oncologist yesterday and is to start his chemo treatment on tuesday 24th aug..
he has to go for an injection of chemo on tuesday then takes oral chemo for 3weeks, he does this for a total of 12weeks, after this he has a month resbite were he will have to have a scan to see what effect the chemo has had..doctors can then work out what dosage to give him next time round..

when asked if he had any questions, he asked "will i lose my hair". at 72 he still has a full head of dark hair with only few stray grey hairs in sideburns..i told him to get the clippers out and go to a number 2 now, so he can get used to it..he may only get small amount of fall out..

unfortunatley this means we cannot go on are holidays at we can enjoy a family xmas at home instead..
my dad is more important than a holiday..

gift boxes


i have only advertised my gifts sets for a few days and already had orders for atleast 12 sets of both everyday and xmas..

got to stock up on my cardstock and envelopes..

my motto is to keep prices low to sell more..

Saturday, 14 August 2010

gift boxes

wwwoooowww....100...i have just finished designing more xmas card for my gift boxes..
once printed just need to add a bit of glitter spray n sparkle and they will be finished...

just got few more everyday sample cards to do. people can choose there own set..
i have few orders from friends in my darts team...

pics hopefulley to follow next week..

Friday, 13 August 2010

gift boxes

last night i  made 12 male cards to add to my gift box collection..done 30 so far.
just need to do engagement and wedding and get well then can print them off..
not sure if to leave blank or put a verse inside....

have just designed 30 xmas cards 4inch square, going to do some A6 and DL..
ready to do xmas gift boxes..

im on a roll now...hehe

Thursday, 12 August 2010

hopefully going to get few hrs later to make some gift boxes filled with assorted cards..
birthday, special occassions..had few people interested, and asked me to make them for xmas..
will add a picture once done.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Elizabeth Millington

Create your badge

for sale

create and craft triple treasures cd collection volume 1 & 2
contains backgrounds, toppers sentiments  projects much more
£30 plus £5 p+p (uk)

for sale

this bumper kit contain
2 arty farty templates tilly cake and roni highchair
1 3inch square mandala stamp
12 bottles of glitter glues
9 sheets of gel stickers
36 sheets pearlised glittered peel offs
40pkts of embellishments (150 pieces minimum)
£50 plus £10 p+p (uk)

hi everyone

my mum and dad have just returned from 2weeks holiday in tenereife..
yeeeaahhh..have missed them loads....they celebrated 42yrs of marriage whilst away, the hotel manager sent a bottle champagne to their room in the morning, then when they went for their evening meal they were given a bottle wine and a gorgeous cake,which they shared with some friends they had made..

now they are back to reality.. Dad has got to attend the linda mcartney oncology center at our local hospital to discuss what type of chemotherapy he needs, and how often...he has a 12week course then is re scanned to see if it has helped..unfortunatley the tuma he has is too large to be operated on, this is just to try and stop it growing more and rupturing his stomache...we are hoping that he does not get too sick during his treatment,as we have booked to have a family holiday to fuerteventura for xmas and new yr..

will keep you updated on how things go..
 i made for a friends little girls birthday..
love kanban card kits..

Monday, 9 August 2010

link list
popular baby card..i have made it for a new baby boy/girl and also for babies first xmas by using mirror card and xmas toppers...

about me

hi everyone
my name is elizabeth (liz)
im new to all this blogging so forgive me if not quite right..

Im a single mum of 41. I have a beautiful little girl called Shelley, she is almost 2..She is the best thing i ever made..
When i get time i love cardmaking. I love easy to make die cut decoupage for the quick cards .
I love desinging my own cards using Docrafts Forever Friends cd..Crafters Companion Popcorn Bear collection and MCS .