Friday, 17 December 2010

das progress

hi everyone
not been on here for a much has happened..
dad had his 3 month scan and was told that unfortunatley his chemo has not worked, in fact the tuma has spread further...they are unable to give anymore chemo as this will be no help and could do more damage, even be fatal...he was addmitted to the marie curie center 2weeks ago to have his pain and anti sickness medication sorted out..he was ok whilst this was given via IV, but when he was weaned back onto oral medication he was unable to take, so was quite sick..they are looking at putting him back on IV  meds..hopefully he can come home on monday, dont want him in over xmas, but if he needs to be there then we will see if he can come home on day release for xmas day..
my daughter has who is only 2 must be sensing that something is wrong, she knows grandad has a poorly tummy and has to take tablets to make better, but since he hasd been in hospital she has been very clingy to me and has been off her food..she even refusing chocolate, so she must be sickening.. cant imagine what she will be like if anything happens to dad..